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Fotric 226B - Thermal camera for fever detection

Fotric 226B - Thermal camera for fever detection

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Product presentation

Fotric 226B is a camera designed for fever scanning. The camera measures temperatures between 20 ° C to 60 ° with an accuracy of 0.5 ° C. This is a temperature measurement system for mass screening of people in areas such as airports, train stations, factories and other public places. The camera comes with an integrated calibration algorithm that automatically measures facial temperature in different scenarios and adjusts to ambient temperature. Fotric 226B is easy to install, operate and move with a minimum of installation time and operator training. On-screen notifications identify one or more individuals in a large group with visible temperature tracking.

About the product:

- Built-in AI algorithm for face detection and fever alarm

- use as online detection, no battery, need to plug-in for power supply

- use camera for visiable lights, no phone need

- easy to set-up with 1 power plug, 2 OTG-USG (1 for thermal imager, 1 for visiable camera) to computer (win 7 and up)

- softwere is included with free, in English version

- immediate delivery, within 3 days


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