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Seek Thermal Compact XR - 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor (Iphone)

Seek Thermal Compact XR - 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor (Iphone)

Itemno: LT-EEA
Price: €370,00 (exl. taxes)

Technical Datasheet

​Keep an eye on things – even things your eyes can’t see. A visual assessment using the Seek CompactXR has unique benefits especially at dawn, dusk, and over long distances where visible light is limited. Thermal imaging detects temperature, which is indicative of people, animals, or other objects radiating energy (or heat). This makes it easier to discover and detect heat at night where lighting provides unwanted attention.

The Seek CompactXR is the only longrange thermal imaging camera designed for your smartphone. Its highly portable design fits in your pocket for easy connectand-detect convenience. The CompactXR delivers powerful thermal imaging through its advanced 206x156 thermal sensor, engineered with the same military-proven technology the pros use. Its 20-degree narrow field of view allows it to detect heat signatures up to 1,800 feet away. It does not require a battery or charging. Seek CompactXR uses advanced infrared technology to let you see thermal images, day or night, right on your smartphone screen. It even comes with its own waterproof carrying case.

Designed and Manufactured in Santa Barbara, California with Global Components.

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