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X-Eye E2n Thermal Scope 240 x 180 Thermal Sensor - 13mm

X-Eye E2n Thermal Scope 240 x 180 Thermal Sensor - 13mm

Itemno: E2N
Price: €1.050,00 (exl. taxes)

Technical Datasheet

Infiray E2n 240x180 / 17µm / 50Hz 13mm thermal scope is a newly launched handheld thermal binoculars with 240x180 resolution, small size, light weight, robust design, easy operation. Suitable for all kinds of weather for hunting, monitoring.

  • Resolution 240x180
  • Frame rate: 50Hz
  • Battery life: 15 hours
  • Weight: 320 Grams

High Image Quality, High Refresh Rate

The Eye series are embedded with IRay independently developed high performance 12μm & 17μm pixel pitch VOx detector which allows you to get high detailed thermal images, so to be simpler to search targets in darkness.

The 50Hz refresh rate guarantees you to capture every moment that you are interested. It is more comfortable for watching.

Sufficient Operation Time

Low power elements used in Eye Series provide sufficient operation time. Up to 15 hours operational battery life guaran-tees you don’t have to worry about the power supply.

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